Crayons (and paper)

Crayons are very popular with kids – they always have been.  We get them at restaurants, parties, randomly at Target.  Needless to say, they’ve accumulated at our house.  Recently I chucked a lot of broken crayons – it felt good.  Still it felt a bit wasteful.

I grew up in New Jersey.  My sister-in-law who lives there told me about a place in Hoboken where they are begging for used/broken crayons – theturquoisecup.  I’ve heard tell that crayons are really easy to repurpose – maybe I should think about doing that next time instead of throwing them out.


So then there’s the paper that accompanies the crayons.  Every so often I purge the drawings and coloring books in our play room.  I put some on display on a couple clipboards that I hang on the wall as decoration.  I recycle them or sometimes just throw them out.  I scan the pictures that are good and my mom puts together a Shutterfly book each year for each of my girls, which contain their drawings and photos.

What thoughts do you have regarding crayons and the art they create?

The Mail

The best way to go paperless is to start now and go forward with the philosophy, then go back and deal with accumulated papers including sentimental items.  The mail keeps coming – every day for most of us.  Paper, paper, paper.  First step to going paperless is:

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 6.26.48 PM

Immediately sort the mail into (1) keep (to scan), (2) recycle, and (3) shred/throw out.  Think to yourself: “do I need this?”  I’m certain that the majority of what comes to my mailbox is junk mail – how about you?  I have tried out the app Paper Karma, and I believe that it has dramatically reduced the junk mail that I receive.  You take a picture of the address the junk mail was sent from, and it notifies the sender that you wish to be unsubscribed.

Reduce mail by going paperless with bank and credit card statements.  Recycle in bins where it benefits a non-profit – you’re doing MORE good by having LESS paper in your house!

Remember that most mail is not official business – you’re not a celebrity getting fan mail, this is JUNK MAIL!  The IRS is even urging taxpayers to “kick the paper habit“, so say to yourself again “do I need this [paper]?”