Beauty in weakness!

I think most people wouldn’t deny the beauty of a baby. However when it comes to weakness in other forms, most would prefer the powerful option, if available. Why do we think that powerful is better? A strong motor…Stronger muscles…Influence…I guess it’s about perspective, and context. For example I prefer my coffee strong in the morning, but weak (or decalf) in the afternoon. And I definitely want my girls to be strong now that they’re not babies anymore.

– my oldest daughter the day she was born

Recently I’ve been convicted by seeing my own discontentment, when my soul is fueled by the wrong kind of power, that our power needs to come from God. Appearances aren’t what’s important as much as the stuff that’s inside.

I can think of people in my life who have felt abandoned or betrayed. I know that I’ve felt that way sometimes too. And for those who feel like they don’t measure up or feel like giving up because they feel weak, God is greater and all-powerful!

And here’s a song for you:

In the darkness we were waiting
Without hope without light
Till from heaven You came running
There was mercy in Your eyes
To fulfil the law and prophets

To a virgin came the Word
From a throne of endless glory
To a cradle in the dirt

Praise the Father
Praise the Son
Praise the Spirit three in one
God of glory
Praise forever to the King of Kings

To reveal the kingdom coming
And to reconcile the lost
To redeem the whole creation
You did not despise the cross

For even in Your suffering
You saw to the other side
Knowing this was our salvation
Jesus for our sake You died

And the morning that You rose
All of heaven held its breath
Till that stone was moved for good
For the Lamb had conquered death

And the dead rose from their tombs
And the angels stood in awe
For the souls of all who’d come
To the Father are restored

And the Church of Christ was born
Then the Spirit lit the flame
Now this gospel truth of old
Shall not kneel shall not faint

By His blood and in His Name
In His freedom I am free
For the love of Jesus Christ
Who has resurrected me

“King of Kings” © 2019 Hillsong Music

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