Letting Wonder Woman Go

Has someone ever challenged you to give up the status quo?  Are you a wonder woman or super mom that feels pressure to do it all?  Then this blog post is for you.  If this isn’t you, but you’re still reading, I hope it helps the perfectionist in you…


For me, not that I was exactly wonder woman, it was when I got pregnant with my third child that I realized that the career that I was chasing was not what I really wanted or more importantly not what my family needed.  My husband would remind me that I was part-time, so I shouldn’t expect huge promotions, but I chased them anyway.  I had it all – I was part-time, had a great job and great family, but I was tired.  I also wanted more down time with my kids.  In the end, I left my job, not realizing that I’d have a profitable business a year or so later, for a fraction of the time.

Every situation is different, but I came to terms with the fact that I shouldn’t ‘have it all’ because that meant there was inevitably something that was missing.  Many times at the root of perfectionism is fear.  God wants to redeem it all.  I suppose the starting point is realizing that we need God, and that our relationship with Him is broken without Jesus.

This may just be a season…with our children this may be just a phase…but we don’t want to miss that phase right?  This looks different for everyone but I want MORE time with my kids and LESS distractions.

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