Why some photos need to be printed

My mom kindly makes a Shutterfly photo album each year for each of my three daughters.  My daughters take these albums in their hands and talk about them.  I don’t want them looking at a phone or computer screen every time they want to see a photo.


I had loose photos (from decades) in sleeves up until a couple months ago when I scanned the ones I wanted to save, and threw the hard copies out (save a couple I kept).  It didn’t do any good to have them in a big bin, neglected.

Our families make a calendar for my parents and my in-laws (and our extended families) with photos from the past year.  It’s a nice way to memorialize things.  LESS paper and MORE thoughtful than sticking tons of photos in an album, if you ask me.

Do what works for you, but I encourage you to explore photo book/project options rather than printing loose photos if they are just accumulating and not being enjoyed.

Leave a comment below to let me know how you organize your photos!  I’m sure there are ways out there I’ve never explored before.

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