Why I want junk mail…

…to never come to my house!  Gotcha to keep reading here.  I just want to briefly share about two things that I do to cut down on junk mail (I would like to put a sign on my mailbox that says NO JUNK MAIL, but I kind of think that won’t do the trick).

no junk mail, 3D rendering, triple flags

First thing I’ve done and recommend: use the app Paper Karma and scan addresses of unwanted junk mail, and then Paper Karma contacts these companies to unsubscribe you from their mailing list.  I definitely see that my junk mail has decreased, to the point that I don’t even get mail everyday.  See also this video on Paper Karma – this individual presenting has also been featured on the Today Show:

Second thing I do is automatically put any junk mail items that I receive in the garbage, bag to recycle, or in a pile to shred.  I sort mail the day it comes to my house.  I don’t let it overwhelm me – I get it out the door.  Occasionally my kids use ‘junk mail’ magazines for art projects, but they aren’t a must-have.

Remember – it’s not fan mail! 🙂

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