Reasons to Send a Card

I’m not good at sending paper cards.  My grandma was always good at that and it impressed me – she sent cards to all of her grandkids, and also wrote us letters for different occasions.  It made a real impact on me, but for most occasions I can’t get around to writing cards.  I’m not so paperless that I don’t see the value of sending a personal card – I actually think they are really important.


My friend started a company, Rifle Paper Company, that is internationally recognized now.  In a world gone paperless, it has flourished.  It has branched out from just paper, but still sells very popular paper products.  They are art.  Let me share with you Rifle Paper Company’s 5 Reasons to Send a Card – I’m hoping they will get me to send more, because they are good reasons:

(1) Send an out-of-the-blue note for something small and surprising. (I will start with just trying to send cards to my immediate family members)

(2) Write a line of a poem or the beginning of a drawing with a request to sent it back and forth. (I interpret this to mean that I should share my daughter’s art more)

(3) Write a note to your favorite artist or author – they’ll love hearing how they inspire you.

(4) Share a delicious (cocktail) recipe and an invitation to eat/drink it together.

(5) Drop a line – and an apology! – to someone whose email you forgot to reply to (ha ha!)

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