Tax Time and Lent

The Lenten season is often times associated with giving something up.  As I mentioned in another blog, I’m seeing decluttering as a focus for me this season – LESS stuff, MORE of the things of God, space, time, etc.  Some people try to give things up in their own strength without being truly filled up with Jesus – I pray that my heart is in the correct place.

A friend from our small group shared with us The Lent Project, which provides daily Lent devotions during this season.  The opening video is particularly good:

I am a Certified Public Accountant, and this is my ‘busy season’, where I prepare tax returns.  I would normally be inclined to work on the weekends to get ahead, but as I reflect on Lent, I was convicted that I needed to give up working on the weekends, even during tax time – especially because it’s the Lent season, but I need to spend the time with my husband, my kids (all of us as a family), and at church.  We need margin in our lives.  I have a standard line, especially to new clients: “I normally don’t work on the weekends, but I got your message, and I’ll get back to you this coming week.”

Maybe you don’t have a busy season at work (at this time of the year), but I hope you see the point here.  I can’t help blogging about Lent as there’s so much to the season.  Whatever is going on – I (or you) am not the solution to problems, ultimately God is.  God is more interested in character than accomplishments and talent.

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