Living in Toyland

“Science says that LESS is MORE in Toyland.”  Very often I have toys all over my living room floor.  Most nights I try to clean up – I need to make sure we don’t trip, milk isn’t left in the play kitchen’s refrigerator, food doesn’t get found by ants – you know, the basics.  We do a really good clean up at least once a week.  It takes time and I don’t always ‘have’ time to do it.  My oldest daughter is helping more and more which is wonderful!

Living in Toyland.jpeg

My children are currently 6, 3 and 2.  They need to play.  I decided today that we need some rules here in Toyland.

RULE #1 NO MORE OVERFLOWING TOY BINS!  That’s a benchmark I think I can follow.

RULE #2 STOP BUYING TOYS FOR AT LEAST A MONTH [when it feels like toys are taking over the house].  oh no…won’t my kids be upset?…

RULE #3 ______________ (fill-in-the-blank) – I feel like taking more toys out of the kids’ bedrooms might help solve things too but I’m still trying to figure it out….help!

We’re working on finishing our basement right now – it will be our primary playroom.  We will see if we can stick to this LESS is MORE once we have more space.  We need to start somewhere so for now, I’ll try to follow the two simple rules I’ve made.

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