During this first week of Lent…

For six years now I have attended a church where we have Lenten services every Wednesday night from Ash Wednesday to Easter – remembering Jesus’ time in the wilderness, leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.  I didn’t grow up in a church that had an official Lent period, and I’m enjoying the season.

Of course most people know about Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter – those holidays are pretty standard, but everyone ‘celebrates’ the Lenten weeks in between differently.  I’m trying to look at Lent as a celebration – and I’m impacted by how it goes so well with my blog’s theme: have LESS to have MORE.

I ran into an article about the 40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge, and it made me think that decluttering could be what I do for Lent.  I’m not filling 40 bags but I’m definitely trying to give up clutter – it’s an ongoing challenge.  Recently I gave away clothing, toys, and MY FILING CABINET (I currently don’t have any filing cabinets in the house)!!

No matter what you believe about God, I think you get what I’m saying – LESS of something means MORE of something else.  And if you feel like you want to know God MORE, please don’t hesitate to ask me – or better yet, check out the Bible (here’s the app I read – there are great devotionals too).



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