Crayons (and paper)

Crayons are very popular with kids – they always have been.  We get them at restaurants, parties, randomly at Target.  Needless to say, they’ve accumulated at our house.  Recently I chucked a lot of broken crayons – it felt good.  Still it felt a bit wasteful.

I grew up in New Jersey.  My sister-in-law who lives there told me about a place in Hoboken where they are begging for used/broken crayons – theturquoisecup.  I’ve heard tell that crayons are really easy to repurpose – maybe I should think about doing that next time instead of throwing them out.


So then there’s the paper that accompanies the crayons.  Every so often I purge the drawings and coloring books in our play room.  I put some on display on a couple clipboards that I hang on the wall as decoration.  I recycle them or sometimes just throw them out.  I scan the pictures that are good and my mom puts together a Shutterfly book each year for each of my girls, which contain their drawings and photos.

What thoughts do you have regarding crayons and the art they create?

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