Ode to the Google Drive and a PSA

If anyone knows me a little bit, they know that I love the Google Drive.  I have the app on my phone, the Google Chrome extension for the Google Drive, and I use Gmail.  In my opinion, Google has the handle on the cloud and internet-based softwares.  Gmail has become unbelievably popular and it’s no wonder – email files can be organized directly to the Google Drive, productivity add-ons (i.e. asana) can be used in Gmail – it’s just awesome.

My friend today was having trouble using her Google Drive on her phone so I wanted to make a PSA: “you need to update your apps on your phone or sometimes they won’t work correctly.”  My friend texted me and asked if I knew why she couldn’t take a picture in the Google Drive app, and I told her to update her app – and it worked.  She said her husband had been telling her to update her apps (41 needing updates) and she kept putting it off.


Thought this post would help people not only with their Google Drive but also with other apps.  If you’re a millennial reading this, you’re like “duh”, of course we need to update apps.  But I strongly doubt that most people update them with any regularity – who has the time?  Just keep in mind that sometimes when an app is frustrating you, you might just need to update the app.

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